Two-story taco

Tacos pastor in the making
, by Flickr user supertina71.

Imagine if the pile of meat above was as big as an elephant. The Associated Press reported yesterday that “a group of businessmen in the northern Mexican City of Chihuahua broke a tasty record Friday, making a hunk of meat on a skewer big enough to serve 24,000 tacos.”

It was pork “al pastor,” kind of a Mexican take on shawarma. At 3.9 tons and was 13 feet high, the Guinness Book of World Records people certified it as the biggest kebab ever, according to Notimex, the Mexican government news agency.

This is how severe my Mexican food deprivation has gotten. I suffer waking dreams of taco meat towers looming over me. Not junk ground beef with chili powder, but chile-marinated pork growing crispy on a rotisserie, shaved off by the handful to fill soft corn tortillas.

You know: The kind you can’t get here.

Another photo worth seeing is by Flickr user Nathan Gibbs, who wrote: “There is half a pineapple at the top and bottom for flavor. Here, the meat is marinated pork (beef is also used) and the tortillas are dipped slightly in the juices that fall off giving it that extra flavor. Then the meat is cut from the stack, cuddled in two warm tortillas, sprinkled with onion and cilantro, covered in avocado and splashed with salsa. Wow. I am so hungry now.”

You’re not alone, Nathan.

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One response to “Two-story taco

  1. Matthew

    Wasn’t there a Greek place on Elmwood that would make gyros this way?

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