Chip chip hooray

Chewy, no nuts – the best of all? by Flickr user Jeff Kubina.

What’s the perfect chocolate chip cookie like? If you ask that question in a crowd, you best duck.

Thin and crispy? Thick and chewy? Thin and chewy? Puffy?

Then there’s the great divide, the Berlin Wall of Cookieland: Nuts, or no?

A Metafilter thread explores the passion in depth. There’s an Alton Brown episode where he tells you how to adjust between The Thin, The Puffy, and The Crispy. Are oats the secret ingredient? Corn starch?

In the end, maybe choices isn’t what you really want, if you’re going to hit the target consistently, time after time. Perhaps it’s best to turn the task over to engineers.

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One response to “Chip chip hooray

  1. Personally, I like oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies. That is what my mother always baked for us.

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