Legal tenders

Pano’s isn’t bad, but there must be more out there

Here’s another dish that is almost too ordinary to mention in Buffalo, but never popped up in the 15 years I spent eating in other corners of the United States of America.

Ladies and gentlemen, the chicken open souvlaki. This particular one comes from Pano’s on Elmwood Avenue, but you can find it at practically any of the Greek-American restaurants in Western New York.

Chicken tenders, marinated in garlic powder, oregano, black pepper and perhaps other spices, grilled, and served alongside (or atop) Greek salad – lettuce, red onion, Kalamata olives, feta cheese and Greek viniagrette. Toasted pita bread alongside.

This Pano’s plate wasn’t a bad specimen, but I suspect there must be a better one out there. I can remember enjoying one with rosemary in the marinade, back before I took notes about my lunch.

But where? Can anyone help me out? Any recommendations of a particularly outstanding exemplar of the species?

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5 responses to “Legal tenders

  1. Viking

    Try this out—- rosemary & lemon grilled chicken, salt & pepper to taste, over greens grilled with caesar dressing, topped with sautéed shrimp and feta. The Geeks we tried this on loved it, said all the Italians in Grease made it that way. Use left over salad and real caesar dressing.

  2. “Mythos” on Elmwood between West Utica and Hodge has a super open chicken souvlaki and it comes with a side of tziki (sp?) sause to add to the mix.

  3. missing buffalo

    You are not kidding! I have been searching(exhaustively) for this dish since I left Buffalo and miss it so. As I recall, my favorite souvlaki came from Kostas on Hertel and asking for a side of their tzatziki to go with is a must. Their pita is superior.

  4. I neglected to mention that the open chicken souvlaki at Pano’s does actually come with a little cup of tzatziki, the yogurt-with-dill sauce. Not as good as the stuff you can make yourself, of course, but who’s complaining?

  5. WIGS

    to tell you the truth I haven’t been that impressed with greek food in the Buffalo area. even the Towne.
    will have to try Kostas sometime.

    kinda off the main topic, but a great place to get Greek Food is Joe Feta’s on Lake St. in St. Catharines, Ontario. It’s worth the drive for dinner (unless something has changed since last I went).

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