Passage to India

masala dosa by mandira
The Rava Masala Dosa at Palace of Dosas, as seen at Ahaar

Check out Ahaar: Pleasure & sustenance, a lovely blog with a mastery of Indian food from right here in Buffalo.

Mandira, the main author, started it about a year ago (Ahaar means “a meal” in Hindi.) She’s got loads of recipes and pictures – including the tasty treat above – for you to wander through while you’re getting your foodlust on.

She’s stepped out a bit by reviewing¬†Palace of Dosas¬†on Millersport Highway, the South Indian place that’s the only all-vegetarian restaurant I know of in Western New York.

She says they get it right, with many of the dishes she tried. Read all about it.

I have got to get one of those Rava Masala Dosas – a crispy crepe made from a batter “spiced with black pepper, curry leaves, and finely chopped green chillies.” Yow.

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2 responses to “Passage to India

  1. Thanks Andrew for the link. I’m sure you will enjoy the rava masala dosa :)

  2. Mark Criden

    went back here tonight for mother’s day. had delicious rava masala dosa and regular masala dosa, spinach and cheese curry and chana masala and some pretty awful vegetable biryani.

    Certainly better than the horrid meal we had last week at Tandoori.

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