Kitchen aid

Recipe Box, by Flickr user deardaisycottage.

There’s a package of chicken in the fridge. You think of the fresh broccoli that ought to be eaten as well. You know it ought to be cooked soon.

But how? Into what? The recipe wheel in your head spins round and round, slowing down until the pointer hits – the same old thing you always make.

A bookcase full of cookbooks is conforting. But if you’re looking for a quick scan of dozens of recipes that will help you clean out your refrigerator, consider Google Base’s recipe search.

The search engine giant has a page to help you winnow through the millions of recipes on the Web. Pick cuisine, main ingredient, cooking time, and see what pops up.

Hmmm. Put “broccoli” into the keyword box, pick “chicken” under main ingredient. One second later, we’re flipping through recipes. Chicken and broccoli in a garlic cream sauce, no thanks, too heavy. Chicken asparagus and broccoli stir-fry, no thanks, had Chinese last night.

Broccoli and chicken salad in lemon dressing, hey. From, the site of Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines. That soundls like it might work. (Good thing it’s on Epicurious; the site invites user feedback on the same page as the recipe, and cooks have suggested changes that seem to please more people.)

Now, I still think that a skilled Google user can get where they’re going faster. It appears that the search is limited to recipes submitted to Google Base. But if you don’t regularly use the Internet for recipe inspiration, this is a good place to start.

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  1. epicurious is my favorite. All recipes isn’t bad either if you are looking for something a little low-rent. You are more likely to find cream of chicken soup as an ingredient in the latter.

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