Upper crust

I wouldn’t vote the antipasto off the table, either

There’s a lot of Italian places on Hertel Avenue, and I’ve only tried half of them, but I haven’t been too impressed. With one exception – Romeo and Juliet’s, at 1292-1294 Hertel Ave. (873-2600).

It was the pizza that brought me here. The thin-crust fans have been singing its praises for years, but I’m not really that sort of guy. (All right, all right, you can fold a slice neatly in half before you devour it. That’s a good thing?)

My skepticism started softening as soon as I walked in. It smelled like fresh baked bread. Not that gross, sweaty chemical smell of a Subway shop – the scent of yeast and browning crust that signals something good is about to emerge from the oven.

P2100048 cropped
Whether the camera, its operator, or the lights are to blame, I can testify it wasn’t quite this orange in real life

The nose knows. The crust is almost crunchy, and unusually delicious. I know when I eat my pizza crusts that there’s fine bread under that cheese and pepperoni.

The sopressatta and prosciutto panini with provolone (or was it fontina?) was mighty fine too. Though to be honest, you put that filling in Wonder Bread and squish it in a panini press and I would still fight you for the second half.

I call dibs

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6 responses to “Upper crust

  1. Laura

    Please dispel the rumor – is this wonderful closed? Thank you.

  2. Oh, man, that would stink. I was just there a couple months ago. But I just rang both numbers I have for them and got no answer – and no answering message. Never a good sign. That, plus the fact that Artvoice seems to have yanked their ad page – which I checked yesterday before writing – only points in one direction.

    Maybe they’re just taking a break? But restaurants never do just take a break, do they.

  3. Mark Criden

    The sign they posted when I was there Saturday night was that they would no longer be open Mondays. I hear Vito (aka Romeo) is planning on opening a second outpost in 14221 also.

    Had my beloved eggplant parm.

  4. Oh, phew. Thanks for the information, Mark.

  5. Laura

    Thanks, Andrew and Mark. I’m glad you were able to read my post with an important word missing – you got my drift. Sob. I’ve never staged a wake for a restaurant before, so this will be my first.

  6. My fellow on Orkut shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came here.

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