Gimme mo': Vosges’ bacon chocolate

You’ve got your bacon in my chocolate. (Photo by Lauren Maynard).

Lauren Newkirk Maynard is an editor and food writer in Buffalo

Move over, Britney. Now that Halloween’s sugar high has worn off, it’s time for a Vosges Mo’s Bacon Bar.

It’s 41 percent cacao (that’s milk chocolate to the rest of us) with a touch of applewood smoked bacon and alderwood smoked salt. There was some confusion among friends and coworkers when I offered up a square. “What, you mean it’s a piece of bacon dipped in chocolate?” “Is it cooked?” “That sounds gross.” And so on.

Whatever is in there, this three-ounce slab (sorry, couldn’t help it) is pure meat-flecked hedonism. And I do mean “flecked.” Though the salt brings out a pleasant, slightly porky smokiness and you may crunch down on a few chewy bits, this is mostly chocolate, and rather good chocolate at that. Makes for a discreet snack at your next vegetarian potluck or simply a tasty novelty to stuff in stockings next month. Ms. Spears, queen of hedonism that she is, would surely approve.

If meaty candy isn’t your bag, Vosges has dreamt up 14 other “exotic” spice blends, including subtle and delicious sweet curry and coconut, classic Oaxacan pasilla chilies, and trendy Tibetan Goji berries. Several varieties can be found for $7 each at Premier Gourmet, 3465 Delaware Ave., Kenmore.

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2 responses to “Gimme mo': Vosges’ bacon chocolate

  1. rcriden

    bacon and chocolate? it doesn’t get much better than that!

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