Oven lovin': Brie in puff pastry video

This Brie was sliced open for a layer of Parmesan and basil. (Photo by Flickr user Amy Watts.)

Next up in my videos for The Buffalo News, I make Brie in puff pastry.

The one I made on camera was my first ever, but it won’t be my last. What a deft blend of simplicity and elegance, in about 5 minutes flat.

This one was topped with jalapeno jelly and chopped serranos, but the possibilities are nearly endless. Next time, I’m going to try some variety of pesto and maybe some toasted sliced almonds.

Here’s the related article.

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3 responses to “Oven lovin': Brie in puff pastry video

  1. lnmaynard

    Pastry-wrapped cheese is the bomb! I took a Wegmans version to a party and, when it came out of the oven, sprinkled it with fresh pomegranate seeds. With more time, I’d reduce the pom juice to a syrup—either way, it cuts the brie’s richness nicely and adds some color.

  2. Mark Criden

    MMM. Even hairy knuckles couldn’t diminish the splendor of this production. A rockin’ wheel, man!

  3. Jethro

    Yummm. Baked Brie. Haven’t made it in years, but I used to spread mango chutney directly on the brie wheel, then cover the whole lard mine in the puff so that every bite had some chutney on it. The oozy layers looked nice when you cut into it as well.

    Another thing is you can cut up your puff scraps into shapes (circles, leaves, whatever) and adhere them to the top with the eggwash. Makes for a nice presentation.

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