Will Bourdain shuffle off to Buffalo?

Anthony Bourdain, originally uploaded by arandanos.

Speaking of Ulrich’s, local rocker Nelson Starr‘s video attempt to lure Anthony Bourdain is one of four finalists. In an attempt to bait Bourdain into bringing his “No Reservations” show for the Travel Channel to the Queen City, Starr, under the direction of local filmmaker John Paget, spotlighted Ulrich’s (fish fry), the Anchor Bar (Buffalo’s original wings) and Ted’s (nicely charred dogs).

Here’s a sentence you might never see again: the Philippines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Buffalo competing as travel destinations.

Supposedly the decision will be made this week or next. Here’s what Bourdain had to say about the search on his blog (scroll down to bottom):

Currently, wading through the submissions for the Travel With Tony thing–an often terrifying task. Just started in–but so far it’s like choosing between John Wayne Gacy, Linda Kasabian or Robyn Miller. So many people seem to be videoing themselves from a cellar apartment–a suspicious-looking chest freezer in the background. Posters of Taxi Driver and multiple copies of Catcher In The Rye. Empty tubes of airplane glue. A plastic tarpaulin rolled up against wood panelling … So many candidates seem to want to take me to rural areas in the Pacific Northwest. The words “drainage culvert” and “wooded area” keep coming up. And I’m supposed to TRAVEL with one of these people? I’m demanding a full background check, polygraph…and a Minneasota Multi-Phasic Personality test–along with the usual Rorsach. Scary!

So whether or not the No Reservations crew makes it here, we can all agree on one thing: Nelson Starr completely lacks the Jeffrey Dahmer vibe. We’re talkin’ proud!

THURSDAY NIGHT UPDATE: The woman from Saudi Arabia won. Travel Channel said Bourdain declared Nelson Starr will be on television, but stopped short of promising that Starr and Buffalo would be featured in an episode of “No Reservations.” Details in tomorrow’s Buffalo News.

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6 responses to “Will Bourdain shuffle off to Buffalo?

  1. Jeff

    Great! But…. Anchor Bar?? The Original (Tourist Trap) for our beloved Wings? Surely we can do better than that!?!? We might not be able to agree exactly where to take him for good wings, but surely we can do better than that. Help!

  2. Tara

    I hope he does! Maybe I could introduce him to the wonderful cuisine of UB. NOT!

  3. The positive: He has done several shows from southeast Asia, and all of the other three are hot most of the time.

    The negative: he did Cleveland already and Mr. Starr is sadly not Mr. Ruhlman. The other four great lakes will get jealous.

    Jeff, the Anchor Bar has to be there on the list, and since the demise of Rooties I have no wing favorite.

    Ted’s is a must!!!!!!!

  4. Jason

    A couple more “musts” should Bourdain come to Buffalo… to showcase both our history and the future of Buffalo cuisine.

    -Allen St. Hardware (drinking good wine until 4am)
    -Trattoria Aroma (on Bryant) NOT red sauce and meatballs.
    – A drive or visit through Hertel, Elmwood Village, Delaware & Allentown and Chippewa. They really are our four drinking and dining districts.
    -Bistro Europa/Faherty’s/Toro/Louie’s Hotdogs at 4am.

  5. Oh, and i forgot an end of the night at Mothers!

  6. Great, another fine representation of all Buffalo has to offer. Let’s take him to the ballet and get him some beer nuts. Does any one really get how sick he gets of having shit stuck in his face episode after episode?(Although he would dig the Old Pink for Chicken and porn night. ) But really ,at least get the guy a good meal in the garden at Rue Franklin or some Blues at the Tap Room. Maybe even Thursday in the Square. Remember IF and one big IF he gets here our city will get more national exposure than it ever has in our lifetimes . Please make it count.

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