Bowl of fail: KFC’s Famous Bowl

Normally, my relationship with fast-food drive-thru cuisine is pretty healthy.

I don’t eat it.

Mostly. Except for succumbing occasionally to a particularly potent advertising campaign, like that thing Wendy’s has that tops burgers with cheese sauce, bacon and jalapenos. I can’t be the only guy that hears myself talking in Homer Simpson’s voice at the drive-thru speaker.

“Mmmmmm, bacon.”

The occasional ceremonial sampling is typically followed by the traditional burying of the wrappers in a shallow grave down by the river, tears of shame trickling down my cheeks.

So it was with interest that I observed the outstanding response that KFC’s Famous Bowl has received. If you haven’t had the pleasure, let’s define the term: the Famous Bowl contains mashed potatoes, buttery corn, deep-fried popcorn chicken chunks, and a slick of KFC gravy.

But wait, there’s more – a generous handful of shredded cheese destined to melt over the entire gloriously shiny landscape.

Oddly enough, the idea for the Famous Bowl came from Jared Fishbein, listed on the KFC’s corporate organizational chart as “Vice President / Bong rips.”

The Famous Bowl’s caloric density has punctured the fabric of the space-time continuum, sucking in the likes of comic Oswald Patton.

Patton’s take on the dish (YouTube video) – hilarious but Rated R for language – has been shared with audiences for a year.

But even better was Patton’s review of an actual Famous Bowl encounter for The Onion’s AV Club.

It begins this way:

I am writing this under appreciable mental strain, since by tonight, I shall be no more. When you read these hastily scrawled words, you may guess, though never fully realize, why I must have forgetfulness or death.

Check out the rest here.

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11 responses to “Bowl of fail: KFC’s Famous Bowl

  1. Joel

    Not only is the most foul looking thing I’ve seen recently (and bears no resemblance to this picture on the KFC website – but Patton Oswalt’s commentary really brought the dread home. The horror. The horror. Does Morgan Spurlock know about this?

  2. Oh my. Luckily it is Passover so I must resist the temptation. We too succumbed to the ease of fast food when on the road. We felt like poop, but the kids ate. If you are lucky as a parent, you finally discover that there is usually a diner near a highway exit, your picky eater will do a grilled cheese, your more adventurous eater will do a nice MLT where the mutton is nice and lean, and the adults can enjoy honest fare prepared by people who care about their food.

    Frankly, I have had morning after eruptions during the 70’s that looked better than that bowl!

  3. Mark

    So what’s the big deal here? KFC rips off the concept of the Garbage Plate. Next, they’ll be selling chicken wings … wait, belay that …

  4. JerryC123

    I share your guilt about the occasional fast food attack. I almost always feel sick after eating the crap.
    This “garbage plate” however, does not tempt me in the least. I’m not even curious.
    I think you may have enjoyed your meal more if you had followed Patton’s advice, and liquefied it in a blender before injecting it with a caulking gun.

  5. So, wait…you didn’t even try it? Come on!

  6. Do not use the term “Garbage Plate” in vain JerryC123. I am from Rochester, and for us it has special meaning, and great value as an energy source at 3 am!

  7. Private Sanders

    That bowl is horrid, but nothing changes the fact that Original Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken is really very, very good stuff, and one of the only chain restaurant items I can honestly enjoy.

    People who talk trash about Original Recipe are just trying to be hipsters.

    But that bowl, eaaaggh!

  8. How can you provide space on your blog for any discussion on this restaurant ?

    What – are you to review the Bacon Club Chalupa at Taco Bell next??

  9. Any real discussion of food has to acknowledge that there are good things and bad things (in my opinion) otherwise what’s the point? Besides, I thought Patton was funny.

    The Bacon Club Chalupa … interesting suggestion. Is it any good?

  10. 2Skinny

    YUM !!!

    Love KFC bowls.

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