Video: Making scallion pancakes

The latest installment of my Elements column in The Buffalo News shows you how to make scallion pancakes, the crispy Chinese appetizer. Here’s the print article with the detailed recipe.

They’re a little work, and there is flour involved. Halfway through the first batch you’ll be wondering why you ever bothered.

But if you persist, they’re a delightful treat, and the second time you make them, they’re half the trouble. The fifth time, your hands know the way and you don’t have to think about the process much.

I like to make a batch and freeze half – that’s three discs – well sealed, separated by wax paper. Any time over the next month, all you have to do is pry one loose and drop them into hot oil, no thawing, and voila.

What’s Mandarin for voila?

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One response to “Video: Making scallion pancakes

  1. great recipe and video – i had to make some subsitutions due to missing ingredients (whole wheat flour and chives) and they were still tasty.

    i love the roll, up-end, and squish technique – hadn’t seen that before…my 4.5 year old thought it was great.

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