Video: Grilled asparagus with roasted garlic aioli

P5050094 cropped
Asparagus has such a delicate reputation – it’s a surprise to learn it loves the fire.

If you haven’t caught the latest Elements video, it’s a celebration of one of the first local bounties – asparagus.

We’ve gotten bored of asparagus now that we can find it year-round in the supermarket. But for 10 months of the year, the tender spears are trucked in, or flown in from fields in other hemispheres.

Here’s the video. Think about taking a trip to your local farmer’s market and see if you can find some local asparagus. See if that doesn’t leave you thinking well of those little green guys again. The recipes are here.

Tomorrow, the first distribution from the Native Offerings (community supported agriculture) share arrives. Asparagus may even be involved – hallelujah.

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