To market, to market

The offerings were a bit sparse last Thursday, but the word is that Saturday the first strawberries will be available in markets, in small quantities.

The Buffalo News has published a guide to local farmer’s markets. Now there’s no excuse to get your derriere out the door Saturday morning and see what the farmers down the road have been up to.

Here’s the guide, in .pdf format. It’s just in time – people trying to stretch a dollar in this trying financial climate may finally be motivated to shop where their dollar gets the most return.

Just a coincidence that it’s often better tasting, healthier and directly supports some pretty hardworking people here in Western New York.

So what are your favorite farmer’s market deals?
Please leave us tips in the comments for what you’ll be looking for at the area’s markets as the summer begins. Please be specific, if you can, about where you go and what you find there.

Half the price of supermarket greens, and they didn’t come from three time zones away.

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3 responses to “To market, to market

  1. Jessica K

    There were strawberries at the downtown Buffalo market yesterday. They were $3/pint and they are delicious!

  2. Jeff

    Looks like you visited East Aurora! I recognize the writing on the labels.

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