The last post: Buffalo Buffet is growing up

Nature’s Creation, originally uploaded by deegs.

Nineteen months. Two hundred and nine posts. Buffalo Buffet has had its run, but don’t be sad – it’s not dying, just going through metamorphosis.

The bright new butterfly is One Big Kitchen. The brand new online food magazine will keep its focus on cooking, eating, restaurants and kitchen life, but broaden the cast of writers and subjects.

There are “News Bites,” recommended foodish links, updated frequently. There’s a better subject index, which is only partly complete but still an improvement.

Most importantly, the team effort will mean bigger articles, more often. We’re going to have some fun – and we’re going to make you hungry.

The Buffalo Buffet back catalogue is reproduced at One Big Kitchen. What’s here will stay here, and Buffalo Buffet will no longer be updated.

See you at the new place:, and let us know what you think at

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6 responses to “The last post: Buffalo Buffet is growing up

  1. Growth is never a bad thing. It can only be good and I’m happy your blog is growing. I absolutely love reading from it.

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  3. Ой, благодарю

  4. Народ в таких случаях говорит – Абросим не просит, а дадут — не бросит. :)

  5. Hate to contact you like this, but shoot me an email. I’m working on a project and would like a perspective from the Buffalo area.

  6. Bud

    This is a very worthwhile endeavor. I am so happy to hear you are just changing format and not closing up shop. Drop a link or a comment at my site for a good back link to your new site. Thanks for all you Buffalo Foods Blogging.

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